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Holocaust Shoes at USHMM@MindyJPeltier

The World’s Most Valuable Shoes

Collecting shoes can be an expensive hobby. When a shoe lover sees a pair they can’t live without, they might ignore the price tag. The desire deems the cost irrelevant. An obsessive shoe collector left behind over 2,700 pairs when she fled the country. If she’d worn one pair each day, it would take over seven years to rotate through her […]

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Getting High on Magpie

Magpie Gulch is a narrow, twisty road in Montana that leads to the top of the world. Well, it feels like the top of the world. To show off my favorite state to friends Tom and Janet I drove by Canyon Ferry Lake and into the Big Belt Mountain Range. In some places the road looks as if a vintage […]

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Things You Don’t See in my PNW Neighborhood

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest five years ago, I was astounded with the differences after living in the Midwest the majority of my life. The people, attitudes, food, climate, traffic, values (and/or lack of), traditions, thoughts, clothing…..everything was different. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always different. I fumbled through the new world, planning routes […]

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