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I Revealed the Name of a High School Crush on a Meatloaf

  I used to think it a blessing  that I grew up in The Olden Days when my stupidest moments in  high school weren’t broadcast through social media. The grapevine probably enjoyed a few laughs at my expense, but without social media, it soon died down. Recently,  I had that forehead-slapping DUH moment when I realized that […]

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True Confessions

True Confessions of an Extrovert

I’ve lived my entire life as an extrovert. I’ve had pangs of shyness in new situations  and have withdrawn  due to  extreme grief, but usually I’m comfortable in a crowd and thrive on the crowd’s energy. As a kid, I assumed all people were the same. A classmate at Jefferson Elementary School taught me differently. Anthony […]

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Disappointments Led Me in “Write” Direction

  It was a crushing high school disappointment. My goal was to be the  president of the Future Farmers of America my senior year.  I planned to run for state office the following spring, then maybe national office. They were ambitious, teenage plans. I’d gone to regionals in extemporaneous public speaking, won awards in livestock judging, won […]

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He Never Met a Metaphor He Didn’t Like

Are you a word-nerd who loves saying, reading, and studying words? Did you read a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia just for fun?  Yea, we are kindred spirits, aren’t we?  Today’s COOL TOOL comes from a word-loving North Dakota boy, yea, that’s where I was born, too, thanks for asking. We also attended the same college,  […]

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