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13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High @MindyJPeltier

13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High

A conference high comes from rubbing shoulders with like-minded people at an event related to work, faith, or hobby. We’re so filled with wisdom and inspiration, that we bubble-over with renewed zest for our calling or position. But once home, the demands of life nip at our heels like a tiny, yappy dog with a Napoleon complex. The toilet has ring-around-the collar, […]

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Experience Success at a Writers Conference

In the olden days, writers painstakingly hand penned a book manuscript without ink blots, tied it up with string, wrapped it in brown paper, and mailed it to an editor. Josephine March sending off her manuscript Over time, query letters came into vogue. You  typed out your polite letter, described your amazing work, and asked […]

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