I’m a Highly Skilled Domestic Engineer

I always knew  being a mother would take incredible skill and stamina.


I knew  my endurance would be tested beyond imagination and I would have to dig deep within my personal knowledge and resources to develop highly important problem-solving strategies.


I knew  the functionality and the efficiency of the household was going to depend on me.


I knew  posterity depended on my ability to pass on these skills to my highly intelligent offspring so they could function with success and brilliance in the broad world around them.





Toilet Paper Art





I didn’t know  some of motherhood skills were so highly-advanced and so incredible, these feats could not be attempted or accomplished by the father of the household.


I didn’t know  how hard it would be to instruct on this technically-advanced talent.


I didn’t know that some skills would be impossible to be passed on and would be borne and used by





















Bathroom #1 original pm





Bathroom #2 original pm




Bathroom #3 original pm




Plumber's Truck



And, as I was devastated to discover when this truck drove by – professional help is NOT available.

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