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Reaching plain

It’s Hard to Feel Like a Grown-up When…

…you can’t reach anything.   My friend Ilona gave me an unusual present at my bridal shower….an ornately painted wooden stool. She smiled knowingly  at my puzzled look and said, “Just wait. You’ll know what it’s for.” Our first apartment was in an ancient high-ceilinged brick monstrosity whose carpet retained the smell of everything deep-fat fried for the […]

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foot closeup pm

It’s Hard to Feel Like a Grown-up When…

…your feet don’t touch the floor. I don’t deal with the playground torment anymore. Nobody calls me Short Stuff, Half-Pint, Shrimp, Tiny Tot, Runt, Baby, or Shorty. Nobody  grabs my hat and holds it high above my head to taunt my jumping, reaching, little self. Nobody bends over to look me in the eyes and asks, “How’s the weather down there?” […]

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