About Me

I’m Mindy Peltier and I’ve always been obsessed with books.

When I was about five years old my Dad brought me a present when he came home from a business trip.  It was a chapter book with no pictures.  I was disappointed and pouted, “But, it has no pictures.”  My wise Dad answered, “But it has words.  And when you learn to read words you won’t need pictures.”

My Dad was right.

My Mom was also an avid reader. Dad built floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and Mom kept them supplied with books. She never fussed when I stayed up too late reading, because she understood the magical escape a book could bring.

Mindy Standing pm

And somewhere along the line, the passion for reading was joined with a passion for writing. In 4th grade I wrote a Thanksgiving  play for the class to perform and learned words could make history come alive. I realized when my 5th grade teacher brought my essay called “The Tongue” to the teacher’s lounge that words could inspire laughter. In 7th grade I went to Bible camp for the first time, collected a few pen-pals, and discovered how words could bind hearts across the miles. When I was hired as a reporter for the local newspaper in high school, I learned that writing could help. And somewhere along the line, I learned that words can hurt or they can heal. And these are still my passions, history, hearts, helping, and healing.

I’ve been married to Scott for 28 years. He’s my best friend, cheerleader, hand-holder, burden-bearer, and strength. He is my rock, because He stands on the Rock. We raised six kids together and are the proud present-and-candy bestowing grandparents of four grandkids. I’m always amazed at how quickly my children grew up, because I still don’t consider myself a grown-up.

I love to play, giggle, snack, tease, laugh, whisper, and eat candy.

I love to sleep in tents and forts.

I love to jump on furniture to escape the sharks when the carpeting turns into an ocean.

I love to jump on my bed and  run barefoot outside.

I love the beach, the library, and the toy aisle.

I started blogging to discipline myself to write every day, and to discipline my family that I was going to write every day.

When the Lord moved our family to the Pacific Northwest ten years ago, I was thrilled and amazed to discover a Christian writing group met four blocks from my house.  I’ve been a member of Northwest Christian Writers Association since 2008, and have served on the board of directors as Secretary and Resource Coordinator.  I’m currently honored to be serving as the President.

I’ve volunteered at our annual conference, the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, for years, and in 2015 served as the Assistant Director. I directed the WriteTech conference in January 2015,  a day dedicated to educating writers in the areas of social media, marketing, and writing tools.

And you know what I wanna’ be when I grow up?  A novelist.