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The Unexpected Journey of a Blogging Mommy

I’ve been so very thankful for the love and compassion  shown by my readers during the past year.  Your prayers and your comments have upheld me during a very hard time in my life. When I first started blogging,I intended to be a “mommy blogger”  and sharewhatever the Lord brought into my mommy moments.I envisioned […]

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Seeing Jesus in Melted Candles

People who love candles, burn candles in every room. People who burn candles in every room, spill wax in every room. I’ve removed wax from carpeting, clothing, table runners, table cloths and even hair. The hair was challenging. Just in case you haven’t become an expert in wax removal, and not from the ears, I thought […]

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God Doesn’t Always Deliver

In the past year, deliverance was always on my heart and mind. Thousands of Christians were praying for the Innocent Man. I received a small mountain of encouragement, verses sent in emails, texts, Facebook and  recited in person, repeating promises of deliverance.   This YouTube video by Selah blasted from my computer many times. We all believed God […]

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