13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High

A conference high comes from rubbing shoulders with like-minded people at an event related to work, faith, or hobby. We’re so filled with wisdom and inspiration, that we bubble-over with renewed zest for our calling or position.

But once home, the demands of life nip at our heels like a tiny, yappy dog with a Napoleon complex. The toilet has ring-around-the collar, the garbage can has a foul-smelling blob fit to star in a Sci-Fi movie, and the mountain of laundry could be rented as a ski hill.

Gradually, inspiration fades and we schlump through life again like a blue-haired granny in orthotics and a mumu.

Don’t put on that mumu yet. There are ways to keep that loving-feelin’ of a conference high.


13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High @MindyJPeltier

To best maintain the conference high, determine what affected you the most. Condense the feeling into facts and rank the top wins.

Was it making new friends? Learning a new skill? Having your talents recognized or affirmed?

The most obvious way to maintain a conference high is to bask in and follow-up in those top points. Invest in the friendship. Practice your new skill. Share your successes with others. But to maintain that feeling, do some of these other tasks over the next few months.


13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High:


1. Follow-up with new contacts who gave you business cards. Search social media using the event hashtag to connect with people you didn’t get cards from. Acquaintances are as important as friends in any industry. You don’t know where that relationship will go later.

2. Post memories, quotes, and pictures on social media. Go crazy liking other posts from the event. Comment on some. Share some.

3. Make a list of new goals motivated by the conference. Choose one habit or task to implement. Don’t attempt another until that is underway.

4. Review your notes to turn the inspiration into application. Hearing and doing are two different things.

5. Listen to conference tapes with others and discuss.

6. Choose one topic for further study. The workshop instructor will gladly recommend books.

7. Make follow-up coffee dates with attendees that live near you.

Fight Scenes @MindyJPeltier

8. Make a meme out of a picture you took and share on social media.  I used the PicMonkey to create the meme above. Here’s my blog about using PicMonkey.

9. Write thank-yous to instructors. Be specific about what you learned and how they impacted you.

10. Write a blog post about what you learned. If you don’t have a blog, guest post.

11. Write a recommendation for your conference staff or instructors on LinkedIn. Here’s a how-to article. They will appreciate this and remember you.

12. Write down personal failures from the event. Instead of the allowing the scenario to repeat itself inside your head at 2am for the next ten years, conquer it with a plan. How will you act or react differently next time?

13. Write down all compliments you received and successes achieved. When you’re wondering “Why did I think I could do this?” pull out the compliments as a weapon to fight away doubts.


TweetConference follow-up reinforces and furthers your learning, and widens your circle of influence. 

TweetConsistent follow-up will prolong and rejuvenate your original conference high.

Stay high!


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2 Responses to 13 Ways to Maintain a Conference High

  1. Eli@CoachDaddy June 23, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

    I so want to go to Blog U in 2017 just to implement these! Or BlogHer. What a great way to hold fast to what we gain when we collaborate.

    • Mindy Peltier July 11, 2016 at 10:38 pm #

      I hope you are able to attend a conference. They are so beneficial to a writer’s life! Glad I could help prepare you.

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