Avery’s Post

Today I have a guest blogger, my friend, Avery, from across the street. His mother is a good friend, affectionately known in our house at Kelly-Across-the-Street. He patiently sat on my lap and typed away while his mommy gave me blogging lessons, so I couldn’t bear to erase his words of wisdom. Do you know what is special about Avery? Most kids have light up shoes, Avery has light up eyes! The excitement of the whole world is reflected in his eyes and punctated with his eyebrows. May you benefit from his words of wisdom.

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  1. nitalin December 28, 2008 at 8:46 pm #

    Absolutely! Reminds me of Ivan, who recently did a similar thing with the telephone. Unfortunalety for his embarrassed papa, 911 started off the combination, which resulted in a fascinating (to Ivan at any rate) visit from the local police.

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