Cat Feet Fog

We’ve been experiencing fog that lingers all day long. Usually, it greets us in the morning and burns off by early afternoon. It makes for beautiful scenery, but treacherous driving. The fog settles around your home, your street and your world like an unwanted hug that’s lasted so long you’re squirming uncomfortably. The White Fog […]

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We Just Wanted To Go to McDonalds!

It was just an improptu trip to McDonalds with two buddies who wanted to eat some greasy fries and shoot some hoops in the new playland. It was our last day of Christmas vacation – yes CHRISTmas vacation, not Winter Break – and they wanted to celebrate a little. They even dressed in their basketball […]

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What Happens at Grammas – Grandpa Fixes

We love our little granddaughter, Brookelyn, affectionately dubbed Brooke Trout, but she can leave a trail of disaster along with food smears on the furniture, cheerios and toys in the couch cushions, stinky diapers in the garbage cans and other such precious memories. On this visit Grandpa babysat, since he had time off of work […]

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