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January 2009 004 - Copy

Skills Moms Can’t Put on a Resume

I’ve been a Mommy for 26 years. I know lotsa’ stuff. I’ve earned my gray hair, wrinkles and the jelly-belly that looks like a road map. I feel called to give away some of my hard-earned wisdom and reveal to the younger generation the skills needed to survive this arduous occupation. There are many qualifications […]

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all. by. myself.

I’m not afraid of spiders. I’m not afraid of mice. I’m not afraid of rats. I’ve shared homes with them all. Not willingly, I fought against their presence to guard my family, but I wasn’t afraid. Annoyed, irritated, inconvenienced and grossed out, but not afraid. They were enemies I could conquer. Fears that lie within […]

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I Served Garbage for Breakfast

Earlier in the week I confessed I pick my scabs. I have another confession to make. I fed my kids and grandkids garbage for breakfast. It wasn’t organic, free range, gluten-free, or healthy. It was just pure, unadulterated, delicious garbage. Health conscience people are thinking, “You DID NOT feed your kids that garbage!” Sugar freaks […]

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Ya’ Know What My Kid Just Did?!?!

We begin a story this way because the event was so frustrating, if we can’t share and laugh, we’ll cry. OK, maybe we cried first, then chose to laugh later.   I heard about a Miss Princess who used her mom’s new lipstick to write her name on the newly painted wall.   A friend’s precious little Man Cub  flushed his Daddy’s […]

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