9 Free Vintage Bible Verse Cards

These Bible verse cards are vintage, but the messages are still relevant because God’s Word is timeless.

Human failure has diminished the power of the word “promise” and it can be seen as a persuasion tool, pulled out when character has failed. As kids, we made our friends cross their fingers and promise to tell the truth. As adults, we’ve learned that no demand  can elicit the truth from a liar.

“I promise” almost means “I want to be able to be able to do this, but we both know I won’t, and I can’t admit my failure, so I’ll make a promise I know I can never keep.”

With God, there’s no finger-crossing or doubting His word.

If He promises, He performs.

Isaiah 45:2 @MindyJPeltier


2 Chronicles 20.:15 @MindyJPeltier

He never lies, He never leaves.


Isaiah 41:13 @MindyJPeltier



Psalm 118:14 @MindyJPeltier

His LOVE is to be shared.

Our greatest human need was freely given, so He doesn’t want us to be stingy with the bountiful and endless commodity.


I John 3:11 @MindyJPeltier



Romans 13:8 @MindyJPeltier


John 15:13 @MindyJPeltier

The Lord wants us to give our all to all.

Not part.

Not when we feel like it.

Not when it is convenient.

Deut 6:5  @MindyJPeltier



Galatians 6:10 @MindyJPeltier


Let these old verse cards refresh your faith anew with God’s promises.


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