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363 Days until Christmas!

You plan and plan and plan, then you shop and shop and shop, and wrap and wrap and wrap, you bake and bake and bake, and then suddenly, it’s over. I was surrounded with bags and bags of garbage, trying to salvage the bows for next year, separating recycle from garbage, and wondering how the […]

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Stuffing the Stockings

I admitted yesterday– I’ve hardly done any Christmas shopping and I’ve hardly done any Christmas baking. I’m a little behind schedule,  I have a lot of company arriving prior to Christmas, but I’m not worried. What gets done gets done. What doesn’t get done, we’ll do together. People are coming to see me, not my […]

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My Christmas Triage

Some years I am way ahead of the holiday game. Take last year, for example. Cookie dough was made in October in preparation for Christmas. Yea, that’s right. All cookies doughs were made, rolled into cute tubes, and placed in the freezer. The last of the doughs were baked in November. Only problem,  I made the dough in 2009, […]

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Delighted with the Garden d’Lights in Bellevue

For a Christmas adventure toured the  GARDEN d’LIGHTS  at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens with friends. Thousands of volunteers create and set up fairy-tale scenery. My pictures are amateur, but capture a little of the beauty we enjoyed as we meandered on garden paths, oohing and aahing at the artwork, the creativity, and beauty displayed for our enjoyment. Last […]

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Preparing for Christmas in October

Desiring that magazine-perfect Christmas, I invited Kelly-Across-the-Street to make Christmas cookie dough for the freezer. That way, we’ll be  ready for baking Christmas cookies with little ones who will spill and eat the frosting and decorative sprinkles, have to go poddy  after you’ve washed your hands for the fourth time, or confide something important the minute you turn the mixer […]

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