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Going EMO

It’s that time of year, when we start going EMO. I don’t mean the depressed, black look with hair hanging in my eyes. I mean EVERY MOMENT OUTSIDE. I blogged about this a year ago today, and the weather has been reminding me of my yearly resolution. After all, the rains are coming soon, and […]

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Big Ol’ Leaves

We lived in Kansas for seven years and picked up a few habits, like saying “big ol’” to describe everything and anything. Another new habit was love for basketball, for one. My husband became a Duke University fan, mostly in opposition to his students who were ardent Kansas University Jayhawk fans. We also picked up drinking iced tea, […]

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Are Your Kids Naughty or Hungry?

Health is a required homeschooling subject, but it’s too easy to view it merely as a text book and not a way of life. How the kids implement what they’ve read about nutrition, exercise and personal care is more important than how they answer the questions at the end of each section. After reading about the […]

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Memorize Multiplication Facts With Flower Power

Is one of your childhood memories learning your multiplication facts? Yea, me neither. When Rebekah started learning the facts in second grade, I fussed a little. “It’s too early! I didn’t learn them until the end of third grade!” At the beginning of third grade, Beka and I were back to the multiplication tables. I tried flashcards. I tried […]

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No More Math Party!

By the end of May, someone in the house was very tired of school. She was wishing the year was over. She was longing for summer to begin. She didn’t ever want to go back to school. She didn’t even want to finish the books. Since that someone was the teacher that someone officially declared […]

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