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This writing is hard stuff.

I  spent so much time writing a headline for this blog about writing a headline, that I was running out of ambition to write the blog post on a great headline, because I was trying to write a great headline for the blog about a great headline.

Today I’m introducing a Cool Tool from Advanced Marketing Institute,  a HEADLINE ANALYZER.  You just pop over to their website and use it any time you want.

Remember my tools are not only cool, they’re free and easy to use?


If you can type, you can use this tool. It evaluates the Emotional Marketing Value of your headlines, based on three impact groups, Intellectual, Empathetic and Spiritual.  You really want to click on that name and read their stuff.   They have software to evaluate how deeply your headline draws into reader’s emotions and they use big words like algorithm and harmonics.

In Mindy words, the deeper you go into their emotions with your headline, the more they’ll read and  the more they’ll come back.  Headlines with a high EMV gather and keep readers by inspiring them to action.

You have 20 words or less to accomplish this.

When I first started blogging, I  slapped titles on.  I worked for a county newspaper early in my writing life, so it was about facts. When I tried to be creative and funny, I realized that later on, I didn’t even know what a post was about by the headline.

A statistic from a professional blogger, that I can’t find now, of course, showed he spends more time writing his headline than his blog post.

I wasn’t convinced until I caught myself skimming through the reader of Blogs I Follow awhile back.  I  judged each blog by the headline, not the content.  I wouldn’t even read the first paragraph if I didn’t think the headline proved it would be worth my time. Hey, I’m busy, like the rest of you. 

Our headlines need to convince people to relax, grab a cup of coffee, and read what we have to say.

Let’s evaluate the EMV of the headlines from my  top three posts with this Cool Tool.

1.  “When Gramma Lost Her Marbles” had 1,556 hits in one day, almost 2,000 to date.


Low headline score, high statistical ranking.  Why?  I was featured the  Alzheimer’s  Team Facebook Page, and it received 565 Likes and has been shared 158 times across the world to different Alzheimer’s and dementia support groups.


I wonder how many MORE would have read my post if I’d had the word ALZHEIMER’S in the title?

2.  “I’ve Eaten Rattlesnake” was the post  WordPress featured in  Freshly Pressed.


Apparently, the software doesn’t  like contractions.  It came up blank until I spelled it out.  What – is this site run by a librarian or an English teacher?  Sheesh.


Definitely more emotions evoked when I let everyone know the rattlesnake was first a pet, not a predator.

3.  At the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam, I emotionally experienced the life and death  of “The World’s Most Famous Teenager.”


Again, a lot of hits, but low evaluation for the headline.



Different words will draw different people in for different reasons.  You need to tell as much of the story as you can in a few powerful words.

Back to my headline dilemma…I needed to write a great headline to prove I have the ability to score high with my EMV.




Oops, got worse before I got better.



Ranked lower again.  Can’t go downhill!
Also a grammar error.  Didja’ see that?

The Cool Tool didn’t see I made another error. 
One last try.  I’m tired.


(When I added the word “free”  to the above headline
the rank rose to 85.71%)


Which headline do you like better?

“Cool Tool Evaluates Head-Popping Headlines”


“Free Cool Tool to Evaluate Emotional Marketing Value of Headlines”

It’s time you learned

“How to Write Head-Popping Headlines”

“Make Sure Your Headlines Will Pop Heads”

“Cool Tool Makes Headlines More Marketable”

“Free Cool Tool to Evaluate Emotional Marketing Value of Headlines.”


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3 Responses to Free Cool Tool Evaluates Head-Popping Headlines

  1. Nita May 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    No replacement for personal taste — even if mine is proven to be ineffective for getting readers. 🙂

    • Mindy May 15, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

      I know and I agree. That’s why I chose the headline with the lower EMV score, ‘cuz I liked the sound of it better. However, if you’re trying to draw a crowd to your Etsy store to purchase your amazing knitted/crafted/felted items, then this could be a useful tool. For someone who blogs for fun, they wouldn’t need to worry about it as much.

  2. Jackie May 15, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

    That is a really cool tool, Mindy. Thanks for sharing. I’ve learned to put crucial info in my titles, too. It makes a big difference when people do a search.

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