Creative Sledding

We just never got rid of those old doors. We stacked them on the side of the house and over and over we told ourselves we needed to take them to the dump. Meanwhile, they have been excellent pitching backstops, made military command centers, forts in the wilderness, and Tom Sawyer rafts. Today, they are […]

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Cutest Granddaughter in the World!

This morning I wanted one of those life-changing bonding moments, so I took out my very special Cabbage Patch dolls to play with my granddaughter, Brookelyn. Auntie Rebekah chose the bald preemie baby that has just a tuft of hair, and smells like baby powder. Then she presented the one that has tousled blonde curls, […]

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Avery’s Post

Today I have a guest blogger, my friend, Avery, from across the street. His mother is a good friend, affectionately known in our house at Kelly-Across-the-Street. He patiently sat on my lap and typed away while his mommy gave me blogging lessons, so I couldn’t bear to erase his words of wisdom. Do you know […]

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Anything You Say and Do, Can Be Blogged Against You!

Anything You Say and Do, Can Be Blogged Against You

I have a new form of punishment and torture for my children – the internet. They have been warned that I am now a Mommy Blogger and that they are under constant scrutiny to provide the next fodder for my cyber-soliloquy. I even carry a small notebook in my purse to doodle random actions and exclamations and keep […]

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