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What I REALLY Wanted For Christmas

You know how despite how much you spend on Christmas presents, there’s always that one kid that pouts because they “didn’t get what they wanted?” Yea, well this year, I’m that kid. Overall, it was a pretty great Christmas for our family.  We opened a pile of presents, ate too many cookies, and spent quality […]

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What Do YOU Hang On Your Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree has many cherished functions during the holiday season. The lights add a shimmering glow to the room, matching the expectation of the celebration ahead. Presents chosen with love are nestled beneath the pine scented boughs. Ornaments rich with memories hang from the branches, marking Christmases past and leaving room for future memories. The […]

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I Look Like a Barbie Doll

In a mother’s life there’s a sad, sad turning point, when you stop being the joy and delight of your child’s life, and they’re embarrassed around you regarding you over you near you… Pick any preposition and add yourself, to describe the dimensions of their embarrassment. We were going to run a quick errand. OK, […]

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I Served Garbage for Breakfast

Earlier in the week I confessed I pick my scabs. I have another confession to make. I fed my kids and grandkids garbage for breakfast. It wasn’t organic, free range, gluten-free, or healthy. It was just pure, unadulterated, delicious garbage. Health conscience people are thinking, “You DID NOT feed your kids that garbage!” Sugar freaks […]

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Oh Where is My Scissors?

Other than The Song That Never Ends, there is only one other song I can’t tolerate, Veggie Tales “Where Is My Hairbrush?” Not only are the lyrics and the bouncy tune stuck-in-your-head-forever-and-ever annoying, it’s a simple truth I don’t want to be reminded of. (I know I’m no ‘posed to end a sentence with a […]

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