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Christmas Decorating 047

What Do YOU Hang On Your Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree has many cherished functions during the holiday season. The lights add a shimmering glow to the room, matching the expectation of the celebration ahead. Presents chosen with love are nestled beneath the pine scented boughs. Ornaments rich with memories hang from the branches, marking Christmases past and leaving room for future memories. The […]

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Hiking Life’s Path

Hiking should be on every mom’s to-do list. We all have  lists of things we have to do, we all have those lists of things we want to do. This summer, a friend and I decided to cross some of those  want to things off our list. First thing on our list? Hike to Mason […]

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Want to Make Garbage Bars for Desert?

I told my family I was going to make Garbage Bars for desert. My lovely daughter, Grace, protested. “Mom, they’re supposed to be called Seven Layer Bars, not Garbage Bars.” But,  I thought my name more aptly described the leftovers in opened bags that had somehow eluded nibbling, craving, snitching fingers in my pantry.    Oh, and I […]

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Converse of the Angle Bisector Conjecture

Geometry doesn’t come easily for Grace. It’s a given that she’s brilliant, she’s in the Gifted and Talented Program in our homeschool, P.J. Academy, but it can be downright challenging for this child of mine to grasp different tools and use them for solving problems. She can hardly handle a pencil, let alone a compass,  a […]

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