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Mindy and Gramma Geneva 1993

When Gramma Lost her Marbles

When Gramma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s  humor become a necessary part of our lives. Our family became strangers to someone we loved deeply and it was a daily agony. My mother grieved when her own mother didn’t remember her. She was gracious and kind, but missed having a relationship with her mom.  When someone has Alzheimer’s you lose them before […]

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The Message in God’s Bottle

 I’m sentimental and love filling jars with my special treasures.   Vintage jars display things like pink and white pebbles from my favorite Lake Helena beach,  shells from Florida,  Gramma Geneva’s vintage buttons, Scrabble tiles, marbles, and dice. Two of my favorite treasures are water from the Dead Sea in Israel and sand from a beach in  Normandy.  I learned […]

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