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Pop Quiz for Old Age @MindyJPeltier

Take This Pop Quiz for Old Age

Old age would be easier if we could identify and accept it. Many of us are stuck in denial and confusion.  Symptoms set in years before we actually get that discount. Yea, that one. The senior citizen one. There. I said it. Call us TWENIORS because we’re stuck in a twilight zone between adulthood and senior citizenry. We don’t know if we are […]

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Mindy is 50 pm

Fifty is just a number…

When I whine about turning fifty, people often tell me it’s just a number. To me it’s a big number.  Older people wish they were “only” 50.  Younger people show proper respect and sympathy while they secretly think, “I’m glad it’s you and not me.”        I’m five decades.                 I’m two score and ten.                          I’m half of a century. […]

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