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Sugarlicious Sugarfest!

On our previous friendly holiday celebration,  Kelly-Across-the-Street and I let our young kids smash things with a hammer. At this event, we were as equally irresponsible, we gave them bowls of candy. Big bowls of candy. We admit a love/hate relationship with the tradition. It’s amazingly fun. It’s a huge amount of sugar. It wouldn’t be quite as fun building […]

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The Seeking Heart of a Child

Last night, Rebekah called me into her room to show me something. She had  made a list of special Bible verses to look at whenever she wanted to. I love to watch her heart beginning a journey of seeking after the Lord. What’s even more beautiful is knowing the Lord is more delighted in Rebekah’s growing desire than me. Though it seems it couldn’t […]

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Kids Say the Cutest Things

We were on family vacation at the Brainard grandparents’ lake cabin in Montana, and five year old Rebekah was determined to catch a fish. She and grandpa went on several short expeditions trying to catch a fish, but Beka’s endurance didn’t’ match her desire, so she spent more time just dancing around the pontoon boat […]

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