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Reaching plain

It’s Hard to Feel Like a Grown-up When…

…you can’t reach anything.   My friend Ilona gave me an unusual present at my bridal shower….an ornately painted wooden stool. She smiled knowingly  at my puzzled look and said, “Just wait. You’ll know what it’s for.” Our first apartment was in an ancient high-ceilinged brick monstrosity whose carpet retained the smell of everything deep-fat fried for the […]

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Doily Heart

Ten Lies About Love

The greatest human need is love. Most people would rather be loved and hungry, than full and alone.  However, there’s confusion when it comes to defining and identifying love.  Even country and rock singers can’t agree about what love is. We’ve all heard the catch-phrases people use for giving heart advice, but some of those glib sayings need to be debunked. 1. Love […]

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How to Git the Honey-Do List Dun

Warm weather  and weekends are for projects, or so women think. Warm weather and weekends are for relaxing, or so men think. Spring is getting closer and our Honey-Do Lists are getting longer. The longer the list gets, the higher chance you have for marital conflict.  I asked my husband for his insight on the  […]

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Softball, Easter 312

Fight Right with your Spouse

No matter how happily married, or how many ever-afters they’ve been married, all couples fight. I can already hear some of your horrified reactions, “OH, NO!  We don’t fight!” (These models are highly experienced and well-trained.  Do not try this at home. No spouses were harmed in the photo op.)   I’m not talking about […]

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