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Getting High on Magpie

Magpie Gulch is a narrow, twisty road in Montana that leads to the top of the world. Well, it feels like the top of the world. To show off my favorite state to friends Tom and Janet I drove by Canyon Ferry Lake and into the Big Belt Mountain Range. In some places the road looks as if a vintage […]

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Seizing the Day, Not the ‘Do

I started driving my daughter to school each morning with great ambition.  I wasn’t going to be that mom in her pj’s. I woke early, ran, showered, and dressed in something that wouldn’t embarrass a teenage girl. My Jeep joined the parade of parents, as we smiled and  mumbled about one another’s driving. Then it got colder in the mornings. And darker. And […]

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@MindyJPeltier Westminster Palace and Big Ben, London

Details Matter In Photography and Life

I stepped through the doorway of the Westminster tube station into the glories of London. It was delightfully overwhelming. Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Boudicca Statue, River Thames, London Eye, and Westminster Abbey were just the beginning of thrills on this little piece of real estate.   It didn’t take me long to realize photography would be challenging. There were people […]

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9 Reasons Why London Should Thank the Romans

9 Reasons Why London Should Thank the Romans

I love Roman history. One day I was rabbit-trailing through the Internet and discovered the many amazing Roman sites in and around London. I stared at my computer screen, filling my brains with the eye-candy of mosaics, roads, and walls and blurted out, “If only I could go to London!” When I was a homeschooling mom of six  I didn’t get […]

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Wisconsin Veterans Memorial 033

Honoring the Wisconsin Veterans

I love small towns.  Not only do they have that Mayberry feel my metropolis-tired body craves, they often have little surprises, such as thrift stores and historical sites,  nestled in between the cottage-lined streets and the two-block long Main Street. The people I meet feel like they could be my next best friend.  However, they  […]

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Ribbet is the Kiss that Makes Your Pictures Princely

It’s Wednesday.  Only two days until Friday. Yahoo!  It also means that you’ve caught up on all your laundry, the house is clean and your fridge is sparkling and stocked.  I’m sure you’re not in your pj’s sitting at your computer with coffee breath and uncombed hair, like someone else we know. And, since you […]

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