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Significance of 500!

A few years ago, I started a new journey in life, one that tested my faith, my endurance, my sleep, my purpose in life, and my knowledge in the Scriptures.It also gave me much joy, fulfillment, new friends, prayer support and laughs. Today, the new journey reached the milestone – The number 500 was significant to […]

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i teached grammer, spelling and punctuashun

After teaching for about 17 years, I found I am addicted to correcting peoples grammar, spelling and punctuation, as captured  in this blog.   I like collecting signs and adds that should have gone through the final step of editing before being published.   The first ad was on craigslist.   ***** grate deal – $600 (poulsbo) its grate […]

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This Chick met the Sister Chick

I was privileged to meet Sister Chick  Robin Jones Gunn at a writers’ conference in Oregon months ago.  In rereading my notes from her messages, I was so refreshed, I wanted to pass on her encouragement. You might not dream of becoming published, but you all have dreams of using your talents and abilities to […]

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