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Kansas and Fernando 008 - Copy

That About Wraps It Up!

For 26 years of marriage I’ve sent presents to my family through the mail. As long as I remember to do this ahead of time, the US Postal System has never let me down. They haven’t lost a package, delivered it to the wrong address or run it over. The only snaffoo we had was […]

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Pirouette Cookie Tin

Do Ya’ Need A Cuppa’ Coffee?

Spray paint is vogue. Tables, dishes, dressers, chairs, windows, tree branches~ everything is fair game for DIY’ers with itchy trigger fingers. Sometimes, I worry about their kids, especially if they stand still while watching their color-their-world parent with aerosol can in hand. They could end up Smurf blue or Minion yellow. But, I just want ya’ll […]

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Take a Hint Mint!

A Myntz mint, that is. I have a new favorite mint. See the cool tin? They’re better than Altoids tins because the lid is flat. No embossing that’s nice to look at, but hard to cover up. Delicious mints and useable tins, what more could a frugal momma want? A set of die cuts for […]

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