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I see London

I See London, I See France!

My  incredibly unique clothing style  developed while growing up in the 70’s.  In elementary school,  I was a little frustrated by the current fashion trend of little  girls often wearing dresses.  I kinda’ liked wearing them, but finding  knee socks in my drawer that still had elastic in the top wasn’t my only fashion challenge. Dresses weren’t suitable for tomboys and twirlers, and […]

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‘Cuz Quitters Quit

Like a mirage in the desert, my Dream-Come-True loomed in the distance. I almost started running. Remembering my manners, after all I was with my Mom, who taught me manners, and my daughter Rebekah, who I am supposed to be teaching manners, I kept my pace to a really fast walk.  Lightly kicking dirt in their faces,  I arrived at […]

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