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Getting High on Magpie

Magpie Gulch is a narrow, twisty road in Montana that leads to the top of the world. Well, it feels like the top of the world. To show off my favorite state to friends Tom and Janet I drove by Canyon Ferry Lake and into the Big Belt Mountain Range. In some places the road looks as if a vintage […]

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The Boy Who Walked With Me @MindyJPeltier

The Boy Who Walked With Me

Childhood fades into staccato memories tinged with joy or sorrow. Like fence posts, they stand tall in the field of our mind, strung together with great lengths of fuzziness and occasional barbs. Not all memories retained initially merit much value, but a simple event often remembered with fondness becomes a prized memory, the way a child cherishes an inexpensive trinket given in love. An event as […]

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When I was a kid the poem “Rain, rain go away, Come again another day” didn’t mean much to me. Neither did “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the Old Man is snoring. He went to bed, and bumped his head, and didn’t get up in the morning.” I lived in Helena, MT, and they only averaged […]

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