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Thanksgiving 032

Preparing Your Heart and Home for Thanksgiving

Do the holidays sneak up on you?  My daughter said, “Mom! Only six weeks until Christmas!” Six weeks?  Last time I checked, I had six months and was feeling the hopeful thrill of actually accomplishing  Martha Stewart type holidays. But, I don’t like to let rush into Christmas and let Thanksgiving go by unnoticed, since […]

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Mindy and Gramma Geneva 1993

When Gramma Lost her Marbles

When Gramma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s  humor become a necessary part of our lives. Our family became strangers to someone we loved deeply and it was a daily agony. My mother grieved when her own mother didn’t remember her. She was gracious and kind, but missed having a relationship with her mom.  When someone has Alzheimer’s you lose them before […]

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Why, Lord? WHY?

sometimes i think christians give bad advice. i remember being told not to ask the Lord why when things happened that I didn’t understand. things i wouldn’t have planned. things i wouldn’t have chosen.i was taught it was disrespectful to question a holy, sovereign Lord. the other day my husband reminded me of the Lord Jesus’ agonizing cry Mark 15:34 […]

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