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Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

My heart had been overwhelmed with physical and spiritual trials. I was crying  out to the Lord, even when  I wasn’t even sure what to ask of Him. Once, a little whisper came to my heart, “Music.  You need music.” The Voice reminded me of a verse I had memorized a few decades ago about psalms and hymns and spiritual […]

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Laughter Doeth the Marriage Well

Not that 24 years makes me an expert, but I think I have learned a few things about marriage. Laughter makes all things better. Sometimes you have to laugh, or you would cry. Marriage is hard because well, uh, because men are men and women are women. I know,  that’s deep. We’re different.  We think differently.  We […]

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Everyone, especially women, adores love stories with the Happily Ever After Ending. They have this fairy tale idea that the Happy Ever After automatically begins right after the honeymoon.       We’ve all heard the saying “The Honeymoon’s Over.” That saying isn’t without cause. When the wedding planning, the ceremony and the honeymoon are […]

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