When the Straw Breaks the Camel’s Back

Have you ever triumphantly  rode the wave of a huge trial  then faceplanted over something small? Something that would not normally affect you?

We’re  in good company.

Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, then trembled before Jezebel’s threat against his life.  He ran and hid.  And probably pouted.  And maybe thought, “Hey, Lord, didn’t I just slay 450 wicked prophets?”

He could take on 450 men, but went sissy when a princess threatened him.

The difference isn’t in the circumstances, we should easily be able to overcome something small if we can overcome something big.

The difference isn’t in our Lord’s ability to help, sustain, guide, and deliver.  He never changes.

The difference is in our ability to trust the Lord – yet again – for deliverance.


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Straws, or trails, are added gradually to our lives and we carry the weight without stumbling.  Then one tiny, little straw is added and we fall heavily beneath the load. Along with the little straw, we recount all the past trials, overlooking the victories provided.

We cry out, “This is too much!”

We forget who’s in charge of the straw.

If He is placing them, He is testing and refining our faith. He is enlarging our paths, He is allowing us to suffer with His Son so that we might be glorified with His Son.

If He is allowing satan to place them, as He allowed satan to do to Peter, His desires for us are the same.

Most of our stress comes from other human beings. Family, friends, and other believers can intentionally or unintentionally hurt us, discourage us, and cause us more pain. The Lord understands that, He was betrayed by someone close to Him.

In this case, the Bible says to forgive 70 x 7. This means infinity.

Other straws might concern health or finances. We pray for relief, but if it doesn’t come, we must remind ourselves that everything the Lord does is for our good and our blessing.

The Lord is also dreadfully honest with those He loves.


“If you faint in adversity your faith is small.”




We forget the One that calms the storm is also the One that caused it.

TweetThe One that calms the storm is also the One that caused it.


We forget that His promises.

We pull away.

We hide.

We don’t allow our wounds to be cleansed and our hearts to be comforted.

We look at circumstances and not at Christ.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is the straw that was meant to build us up in the faith.

If your back is broken and you’re laying on the ground overwhelmed and discouraged, look up. He is there. Speak to Him in prayer and listen to Him in the Word. He will help.

And when you’ve allowed Him to heal and restore your brokenness, He will raise you up and begin – once again – placing those straws upon your back.

One at a time.

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