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Keep Grief from Grinching Your Holidays

Grief feels like crashing into a brick wall. You come to a sudden and painful stop, but the world continues on. Grief doesn’t accompany only death. We grieve loss of finances, health, and relationships. The stages of grief can be experienced in a forward and backward motion. One day you’re at step four, the next day you’re back to step two. […]

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Doug Kazen grave

Remembering Our Two Favorite Vets

We visited a dear friend today. Doug wasn’t the traditional WWII hero. He didn’t carry a gun. He didn’t fly an airplane. He wasn’t a POW. He has a unique part in American history. Doug was drafted and served his country faithfully as a Conscientious Objector working in a medical laboratory down south. Doug later invented and manufactured portable dental and medical equipment that helped […]

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Grieve 2

I Do Not Want to Grieve Quietly

I learned about death as a very young girl.   A neighbor who survived Vietnam was killed in a car accident.  One day he was a tall, dark-haired young man visiting his mother, the weight of the war stooping his once proud shoulders, the next day he was  a memory that haunted the neighborhood. Death is […]

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THAT. DAY. ~ Miscarriage Day isn’t a Holiday

There are some days we commemorate, but they are not holidays. They’re days so painful you never forget, even if you try. Like Miscarriage Day. They’re days filled with painful memories, the kind of memories that sear the heart and soul.  You may find relief, encouragement, help and strength, but you will never, ever, forget. THAT. […]

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