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Prepping for the Storm of the Century

A storm of historical impact was predicted to blast the West Coast last week. Over the Pacific Ocean the remnant of Typhoon Songda slam danced towards the coast, bringing high winds and waves, and the threat of flooding and power outages. I’ve experienced enough natural disasters, I should be prepared for anything. We spend seven years in Kansas hiding in neighbor’s basement […]

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Lake Superior rocks praising Jesus @MindyJPeltier

The Day My Words Came Back

I always had an abundance of words, both written and spoken. Walking into a crowd of new people was an expedition to introduce myself and collect more friends. As soon as I learned to write, I wrote letters. Relatives, friends, and pen-pals received several pages scribbled with experiences that thrilled or broke my heart. As I grew, I […]

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Isaiah 45:2 @MindyJPeltier

9 Free Vintage Bible Verse Cards

These Bible verse cards are vintage, but the messages are still relevant because God’s Word is timeless. Human failure has diminished the power of the word “promise” and it can be seen as a persuasion tool, pulled out when character has failed. As kids, we made our friends cross their fingers and promise to tell the truth. As adults, […]

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5 Annoying Things People Say @MindyJPeltier

5 Annoying Things People Say

Every day people say annoying things. They’re meaningless and pointless rote lines that replace real compassion and conversation. It’s extra bothersome when you have a heavy or weary heart, when life has beaten you down so far you long for real concern.     If I’m having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, how can a trite saying make […]

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Start Acting Like a Child! @MindyJPeltier

Start Acting Like a Child!

Being a grown-up is much harder than I imagined. As a child I pictured eating my desert first and staying up as late as I wanted. Turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Just a tish. There are bills and bullies, taxes and trials, diseases and duties. Being a grown-up means you face […]

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You can be ALONE but not LONELY. @MindyJPeltier


Some assume that alone and lonely are interchangeable. I don’t see it that way. You can be alone, but not be lonely. You can be lonely, but not be alone.   You can be alone, but not be lonely. You can be lonely, but not be alone.   Alone is a condition in which there are no other humans around […]

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I Remember Susie Jaeger @MindyJPeltier

I Remember Susie Jaeger

My childhood was magical until I learned about Susie Jaeger. Every summer day was an adventure waiting to unfold for my five siblings and me in the cozy mountain town of Helena, Montana. Under the watchful care of Mount Helena and the Sleeping Giant, we explored from the perch of our Schwinn banana seat bikes, the playing cards clothespinned in our spokes leaving […]

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Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals @MindyJPeltier

Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals

A thyroid cancer diagnosis at 40 was an obvious game-changer. Days were spent researching and enduring endless doctor visits. Energy was reserved for priority activities, like baseball games, wrestling matches, and track meets. Closets were ignored, at times along with meals, laundry, and house-cleaning. I had to accept that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – do it all. The challenging demands of the present were always […]

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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Should You Always Push Through Your Pain?

Slogans promise us great victory by ignoring pain. This can be true. Click on link to purchase this shirt on Amazon. Pain is a part of everyone’s life. The slogans inspire us to endure and embrace pain as part of the necessary process to make us stronger. Ten+ years of artificial thyroid hormone left my body weakened. A spring diagnosis of osteoporosis […]

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