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Are You Battle-Scarred by Emotional Shrapnel?

As kids, we dreamed about becoming a cowgirl/cowboy, nurse, doctor, astronaut, movie star, rock star, inventor, race car driver or flight attendant. We dreamed about being beautiful, happy, and influential. We dreamed about traveling, building, and buying. Nothing is impossible in a child’s dream world. Graduation mottos told us, “If you dream it, you can […]

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Ten Things to Look for in The Perfect Man

  For years I’ve joked with  single women, “You’ll never find The Perfect Man because I married him.” My love for my husband grows and changes from year to year as we survive trials and tribulation.  They aren’t troubles within the marriage, they’re troubles outside we’ve weathered together. In fact, we’ve often joked that if […]

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Not Scarred by My Cancer Scar

When fighting cancer you laugh  because you don’t want to cry. A few weeks before my second papillary thyroid cancer surgery, my 13-year-old son, Jon, was way more excited than me. “Yea, cool, mom, so are ya’ nervous? Like they’re going to go in there and slash you open and look for the cancer!” I bit my tongue for about […]

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