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Replace Tired Clichés with the Art of Surprise

  In October 2005 I was in the HYPER HELL stage of  thyroid cancer treatment.  My  thyroid gland and about 30 lymph nodes had been scalpeled  into medical waste. I had been a science-fiction freak in the hospital, undergoing radioactive iodine treatment.  I was kept in the hospital for three days until the Geiger counter […]

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Ribbet is the Kiss that Makes Your Pictures Princely

It’s Wednesday.  Only two days until Friday. Yahoo!  It also means that you’ve caught up on all your laundry, the house is clean and your fridge is sparkling and stocked.  I’m sure you’re not in your pj’s sitting at your computer with coffee breath and uncombed hair, like someone else we know. And, since you […]

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Guaranteed to Translate Every Language in One Simple Step

Today, you don’t have to buy anything.  You don’t have to charge your credit card in four simple payments.  You won’t have to act before midnight. If you’re like me, you can’t even stay awake until midnight. Of course, I won’t include the world’s smallest juicer or a knife that will slice meat so thin […]

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Walter Cronkite predicting the future impact of computers in our homes.


When we brought home our first computer around 1989, it was like welcoming in a stranger who didn’t speak my language. It was MS-DOS version. Oh, you young ‘uns never worked in a dos environment? Well, It was tough. You had to use the keyboard uphill both ways. It was especially mystical if there weren’t computers in your […]

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