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got grafitti?

  the graffiti in Amsterdam enthralled me. for the first time, i saw artwork. i saw colors, design, and heart cries.   young people, who may never be a Rembrandt, left marks of their bondage in the city where people used to find freedom. today, they will be featured in my gallery. the irony of […]

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Blue Angels

Saturday, Scott and I, along with the youngest two kids, had an amazing experience. Some very generous friends toted us on their sailboat along a very scenic route and under five bridges, to position us under the perfomance route of the Blue Angels on Lake Washington. The Navy aviators were gracing Seattle with their commanding […]

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Leavenworth in May

After five years of living in Washington, I have to admit, I still initially shudder when I first hear “Leavenworth.” I lived in Kansas for seven years, long enough to realize there is a reason to shudder when you hear that name. According to the Kansas city’s website, “Leavenworth and the word “prison” have been […]

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