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MOM! final

MOM! You’re Embarrassing Me!

A child adores their mommy without abandon…   ….when they’re young.   They think she’s smart. They think she’s beautiful. She’s their bestest fwend.   They write love letters, give too-tight hugs and slobbery kisses, and pour out their adoration on the “best mommy in the whole world.” Then the bubble bursts. The child realizes […]

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Ten Things This Generation Might Say to Their Kids

Our kids don’t look like us.  We didn’t look like our parents.  Our parents didn’t look like their grandparents. Sometimes we want our kids to look like us, and it takes much…..umm…..conversation…wisdom….patience…for kids and parents to come to a meeting place where the child is allowed to express their generation and the parent is allowed […]

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got grafitti?

  the graffiti in Amsterdam enthralled me. for the first time, i saw artwork. i saw colors, design, and heart cries.   young people, who may never be a Rembrandt, left marks of their bondage in the city where people used to find freedom. today, they will be featured in my gallery. the irony of […]

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She Had a Another Dream

Amazing Grace had a dream. It was a real “I’m asleep and stuff is going on in my head” kinda’ dream, not an “I’m awake but I am imagining how I can change the world” kinda’ dream. She was sleeping. She dreamed something. Then, she woke up with a passion to follow the dream. Grace […]

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