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I Served Garbage for Breakfast

Earlier in the week I confessed I pick my scabs. I have another confession to make. I fed my kids and grandkids garbage for breakfast. It wasn’t organic, free range, gluten-free, or healthy. It was just pure, unadulterated, delicious garbage. Health conscience people are thinking, “You DID NOT feed your kids that garbage!” Sugar freaks […]

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City-Slicking Redneck Breakfast

Remember when I wrote about the City-Slicking Redneck Vacation I gave the tantilizing promise of showing ya’ a Redneck Breakfast? Pull out your tastebuds, here’s the recipe. Wake up when you wanna’ and start a delicious fire in your firepit. We’ve lost the ability, or actually the desire, to start a fire with one match. We use wax […]

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Brayden Chillin’ Out

This was NOT a posed picture. This was my grandson, Brayden, shortly after birth, stretching out, chillin‘ out and enjoying the heat waves on the warming table. He was warmer than a three hour old McDonald’s hamburger. This is still his favorite position. Contrary to all those expensive, glossy-covered, child-rearing books, this little guy does […]

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